Period 7 Assignments: Weeks of 3/17 & 3/24 & 3/30

March 18 — Unit 6 Test

March 19 — Begin Unit 7: The Age of Jackson.   Here is the unit   HUS1–Unit 7 Study Guide

President Monroe Cleanup; Nationalist decisions of the Marshall Court

March 21– Change in suffrage & Election of 1824–The Corrupt Bargain, Pres. John Quincy Adams & the Rise of Andrew Jackson

HW:  HW: Maysville Road Veto  (question in this one) &  SCExpositionProtest & scordinance (write a short analysis of the connection between these two documents and the Kentucky Resolution)  both due April 1)

March 30:  The Age of Jackson—  Election of 1828 and the Jackson Political Era:  Spoils System and Kitchen Cabinet & A Petticoat aside

HW:  Read these:  Money and the Constitution       Money-an introduction

April 1:  The Age of Jackson— The Nullification Controversy and Maysville Road–Is this a State’s Rights president?

HW: Boudinot–Address to the Whites (questions at the end) & (Zinn Assignment) — Due April 3)

April 3:  Bank War & Indian Removal

HW:  Read and be prepared to discuss:  Howe, What Hath God Wrought:  HUS1–Continental View at 1815

April 4:  wrap-up




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