Period 5 Assignments: Weeks of 3/10 & 3/17

Study Guide: AP Gov– Participation, Campaigns & Elections –Study guide

Campaign Finance Information:  where the money goes      Campaign Finance Terms      2012 Presidential Campaign Spending

 Total  Cost of Presidential Elections:  1998-2012

Iowa Caucus Explanation

Elections readings:

AP Gov — Elections – V.O Keys — critical elections    (questions at the end)

Read these two articles together and write a summary (due 3/17) of the two, including whether the two articles present inconsistent positions:   AP Gov — Elections – Vanishing Voter excerpt      AP Gov– Elections — myth of the vanishing voter

AP Gov– Elections– Extreme Voices–Morris Farina    Consider how Farina’s point fits into the argument made in the Vanishing Voter excerpt

AP Gov–Elections–Internet and Campaign 2010

AP Gov — Elections — Campaigns Will Be Reformed When Pigs Fly

AP Gov — Elections– False Ads-There ought to be a law–brooks jackson

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