Period 4 Assignments: Week of 1/27

We start on Unit 4: The Early Modern Period, spanning the years 1450 to 1750.

The main themes of the early modern period:
A. The rise of Europe was accompanied by the establishment of
significant political units in other parts of the world that would long
overshadow Western politics.
B. The biological exchange that resulted from the inclusion of the
Americas in the world network prompted various reactions.
1. Many societies had to make decisions about how to handle new
contacts with the West, including whether they would make use of
new foods.
2. They also had to make decisions about the impact of new imperial
structures, land-based as well as sea-based.
C. The central theme in this period was the intensification of economic
relationships, which now also included the Americas and, at the end of
the period, parts of the Pacific.
D. One interpretation of this period argues that the West managed to
position itself as a transmitter of American goods, and this transmission
served as the engine of the world economy with much more diverse
benefits and implications than we usually think of when we look at the
rise of the West alone.

Here is a study guide containing Key Concepts and Focus Questions.  AP World Unit 4 Study Guide

(A list of key terms: Key Terms for Unit 4 )  This unit covers chapters 16 through 22 of your textbook.  START READING NOW.

Work:  Here are three readings which will be due on Friday, January 31.  Answer all the underlined questions in the readings.

Conquest of New Spain

Slave Trade

Gender and family

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