Period 3 Assignments: Weeks of 12/25 and 12/2

11/26–Final part of Unit 2 Assessment

Welcome to Unit 3

Here is the Study Guide: APWH- Unit 3- Study Guide

11/27 (1/2 day) & 12/2  — film on Islam

HW:  Here is an article on the Qur’an.  I want you to read and write a one page reaction (due 12/3) on the implications for the religion:  What is the Koran

12/4 & 5—We continue with our discussion of Islam and the spread of the Islamic Empires

Here is a packet on impacts on the environment and science.  The readings explore differences between “the West” and the East and south of Eurasia.  There are questions identified by underlining and red arrows.  This is due December  9.  Ecology technology and science readings

This is a reading, with questions at the end, comparing perspectives on trade in different cultures.  Good stuff for AP test preparation (the College Board loves this kind of thing)   Due December 12:  merchants and trade — comparison reading  Consider this map   as well with the reading.

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