Period 7 Assignments: Weeks of 11/11 & 11/18 &11/25

11-12:  UNIT 2B TEST

Begin Unit 3– Road to Revolution      Here is the Study Guide:  HUSI-UNIT 3—ROAD TO REVOLUTION 1754

11-14:  Road to Revolution– Washington starts a world war

HW: James Otis and the Writs of Assistance Case    — write a one page summary of the argument Mr. Otis made

For your use, here is a HUSI-Unit 3-Prelude to Revolution timeline    You should also complete the following chart, for your own use for test preparation:  HUSI-Unit 3-PREREVOLUTIONACTSCHART–blank

11-15:  Road to Revolution, cont’d

HW:  HUSI-Unit 3-William Pitt address to Parliament against taxation of the American Colonies    Write a one page summary of Lord Chatham’s argument

11-18:  Road to Revolution, cont’d

HW:  HUSI-Unit 3-Dickinson Assignment    There are questions in there to answer

11-20:  Road to Revolution, cont’d

HW:  Read   HUSI-Unit 3-Samuel Adams-Rights of the Colonists-1772  (consider, but do not write, the connections between Mr. Adams and Lord Chatham)   AND  HUSI-Unit 3-Who Fired First at Lexington   there are questions to answer in here

11-21:  Wrap up Road to Revolution

HW: READ:   HUSI-Unit 3-Patrick Henry-give me liberty   AND  HUSI-Unit 3-burke reconcilliation with America

The following will help you:  HUSI-Unit 3-tax and trade restrictions

11-22:  Review

11-26:  Unit 3 Test

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