Period 3 Assignments: Weeks of October 21 and 28

Completed Axial Age work.  Begin work on Classical Period Empires.  Here is the Unit 2 study guide:  AP World Unit 2 Study Guide

10/21 — Yes, test debrief

10/22 — in class work on empire presentations.  The presentations are due on 10/31– in class or before.  We will begin presentations then

10/23 —  what is so important about Classical Period?  Overview.  What is an empire?  Conrad-Demarest Model of Empire

10/25 — Looking at the Study Guide…… Why does it help me?    AND  work on Empire presentations

HW:  Comparing Han and Rome  (questions in here, due 11/1)

10/28 — Intro to AP World DBQ

10/29 — continued DBQ work:  We will do on in class, together.

10/31– Empire Presentations

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