Period 7 Assignments: Weeks of 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4

10/8   –THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES–Perhaps a Theocracy on a Hill?  Pilgrims and Puritans.  Understanding religious issues in England.  Class reads Modell of Christian Charity followed by discussion of meaning.  Initial recognition of “American Exceptionalism”

HW:  Massachusetts Body of Liberties

10/9 — THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES    — Class discussion of what we can determine about Puritan culture from the Mass. Body of Liberties.  CT, RI and NH.  Why is Roger Williams so important?

10/10 —

10/16   Restoration Colonies

10/17 —colony formation review for test

10/21 — Unit 2A test    Hon. U.S.–Unit 2B Study Guide

HW:  Four Sorts of Britons (HUS1- Unit 2– Four Kinds of Britons Reading) & Worksheet HUS1- Unit 2– Four Kinds of Britons worksheet)    due 10/23

10/23   Who were these colonists?  What were differences? Similarities? New England Way, Jeremiads and Witchcraft

HW:  Read and summarize (one page): HUS1- Unit 2– Freedom Around the Corner–Slavery

10/25   Death before Dishonor– the Cavalier culture, Bacon’s Rebellions and

indentured servants to race slavery


10/28 –

HW:  English Bill of Rights     English Bill of Rights

10/29 – Slavery

10/31 – English Political Tradition and the colonies.

11/1 – First Great Awakening

11/4 – First Great Awakening

11/6  Mercantilism, triangular trade, navigation acts

11/11 –test review

11/12 — Test

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