Period 7 Assignments: Weeks of 9/23 and 9/30

9/23 — Europeans in the Americas— Why?  Different styles of exploration/settlement

9/24 — Review of Europeans in the Americas

9/26   Unit 1 Test.

Introduction of Unit 2A — English colonization of North America  Unit 2A Study Guide: HUS1– Unit 2A Study Guide

9/27 — Pocahontas

HW:  Artistic Liberties Paper–HUS1- Unit 2 – Pocahontas–artistic liberties

10/1 — Pocahontas

HW:  HUS1- Unit 2–Thirteen colonies worksheet

10/2 — Test return.    Continue with colonies background

HW:  HUS1- Unit 2– Anne Hutchinson Project  (due 10/7)

10/3   –THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES–Perhaps a Theocracy on a Hill?  Pilgrims and Puritans.  Understanding religious issues in England.  Class reads HUS1- Unit 2– A Modell of Christian Charity followed by discussion of meaning.  Initial recognition of “American Exceptionalism”

HW:  Read Massachusetts Body of Liberties

10/4 — THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES    — Class discussion of what we can determine about Puritan culture from the Mass. Body of Liberties.  CT, RI and NH.  Why is Roger Williams so important?

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