Period 4 Assignments: Week of 9/23

9/19– introduction to P.E.R.S.I.A.N. analysis civilization/empire analysis   Here is  a blank PERSIAN chart:  PERSIAN_Chart_blank

First Civilizations– What is civilization?     Mesopotamia, Nile, Indus , Yellow  River Civilizations

HW:  Complete P.E.R.S.I.A.N. analysis for 2 of the river valley First Civilizations

9/23-25 –For the week, we will finish the First Civilization PowerPoint.  What you should do is work on PERSIAN charts for all the first civilizations.    At the same time, work on the Ancient Civilization Comparison Chart which is here:   ancient civ comparison chart

HW: Mandate of Heaven reading, answer the four questions at the end.   Due 9/25:  World Unit 1 –mandate of Heaven

9/27 –Ancient Civ comparison/ Test Review for test on October 1

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