HUS1 Period 7 Assignments: Weeks of 9/9 & 9/16

9/9 —  Welcome and Course Description   2013-14 Honors US Syllabus

Here is the publisher’s website for your textbook.  It includes Chapter summaries….. USE IT.   Enduring Vision Textbook Website

HW: What is History?  Read this excerpt from Margaret MacMillan’s book, Dangerous Games: Dangerous Games reading   and write a  1 to 2 page (double spaced, times new roman font, 1″ margins all around) response that includes what you understand to be the main points of the reading and an example of historical misuse from what you learned in middle school.  This is due in class on 9/10.

9/10 (Day 1)– Class discussion of what is history?

HW: Columbus: perspectives on “history?” readings:  (Zinn, Ch 1 Johnson & Schweikart/Allen  Answer these  questions  due 9/13  (Right, we do not meet on 9/13.  But, you can still use your email to send it to me or drop off a hard copy)

9/11 (Day 2) — A word about the baggage we carry.  What’s in a name?

HW:  Read Textbook Chapter 1

Here is a nice, short outline of Native peoples of North America:  precolonial americas outline

9/12 (Day 3)– Native peoples’ in 1491.

HW:Read this:  Diamond–Collision at  Cajamarca ; and answer these The Collision at Cajamarca Questions    Due 9/16

Here is a nice chart for you of European exploration and relevant differences to note.  16th & 17th century exploration

Here is an interesting news report on Aztec – Spanish relations:  Aztecs eat Spaniards

9/16 (Day 1) — Spanish/Portuguese conquest of “Latin America.”  How did that happen?  Why Europeans in America?

HW:  Read Textbook Chapter 2 through page 46 (stop at England and the Atlantic World) (The textbook reading should be completed by the end of the unit.  Try not to save the textbook reading for the very end).

Here are a few slides about European exploration:  exploration maps

9/17 (Day 2) —  Europeans in the Americas

9/18 (Day 3) — Taking Notes and other things of interest.


HW:  Finish Textbook Chapter 2



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