Period 3 Assignments: Weeks of 9/9 & 9/16

Unit One Study Guide: World Unit 1 Study Guide        READ IT.    There is useful information in the Study Guide body and then there are identifications at the end.

9/9 —  Course Introduction

9/10 — Before the Dawn

HW:  History and What Really Happened    This piece by Professor Damen is a nice overview of some of the thinking skills we will be developing in reading “history.”  Read this an be prepared to discuss.

9/11 — What is history?  AP World habits of mind and what the College Board is getting at.

HW:   Creation of the World — Assignment 2013-14 Period 3 List.  Everyone is to view the TED talk by David Christian  on Big History ;  The other readings for the assignment are: HERE

9/12:  Creation stories.

HW:  Read Packet on development of urban societies:   Packet– Urban Revolution and civilization    in the packet there are a series of “Study Questions.”   Answer them all.  In the answers, make sure to identify the section’s questions you are answering.  The answers are due 9/16.

9/16– Map the World     Homo Sapiens worldwide….. Americas the last.  Ascent of Man film; Neolithic Revolution issues— restructuring of societies

HW: Read :  Diamond –Worst Mistake  and  Boulding — Women and the Ag Revolution  .   Write short (1 to 1&1/2 pages) reaction that provides your sense of whether the move to sedentary agriculture proved to be an overall human good? Due 9/17

9/17:  Finish Ascent of Man episode.  Human Art as an expression of culture and development.

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