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Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 3/10 & 3/17

Study Guide: AP Gov– Participation, Campaigns & Elections –Study guide

Campaign Finance Information:  where the money goes      Campaign Finance Terms      2012 Presidential Campaign Spending

 Total  Cost of Presidential Elections:  1998-2012

Iowa Caucus Explanation

Elections readings:

AP Gov — Elections – V.O Keys — critical elections    (questions at the end)

Read these two articles together and write a summary (due 3/17) of the two, including whether the two articles present inconsistent positions:   AP Gov — Elections – Vanishing Voter excerpt      AP Gov– Elections — myth of the vanishing voter

AP Gov– Elections– Extreme Voices–Morris Farina    Consider how Farina’s point fits into the argument made in the Vanishing Voter excerpt

AP Gov–Elections–Internet and Campaign 2010

AP Gov — Elections — Campaigns Will Be Reformed When Pigs Fly

AP Gov — Elections– False Ads-There ought to be a law–brooks jackson

Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 2/10 & 2/17 & 2/24

We’ll start with American Political culture and Public Opinion.  Jesus Camp is a start.  We will be discussing many aspects of political culture and public opinion during the next week to ten days.

February 19 — long delayed Judiciary assessment activity

Study Guide:  Political Culture and Public Opinion

Chapter 10 outline:  Chapter 10 OUTLINE

Read Public Opinion– The Atlantic Online -The Height of Inequality  and   GOPO– On the Edge of Poverty  and   GOPO–Russell Conwell – Acres of Diamonds   we will discuss in class 

February 20.  Discussion of American Political thought

Public Opinion– Excerpt-Anti-Intellectualism-in-American-Life   Write a reaction paper to the article, including specific references to the content of the article.  Let’s say 2-3 pages (double spaced, of course).  Due February 24.

February 21.  Same

Read   Public Opinion– Putnam-Bowling Alone  and answer these questions  Public Opinion– Bowling Alone questions    The answers are due February 26

February 25 — What’s the matter with Kansas?

Read   Public Opinion– What’s the matter with Kansas excerpts   

Read GOPO– Elusiveness-of-Public-Opinion    and   GOPO–Shaping Public Opinion     prepare a one page summary of each article:  Due February 28

March 3 –American Political Culture and Public Opinion Test



Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 1/20 & 1/27

The Judiciary

Here is a study guide with the key terms:   Study Guide–Judiciary

Here is a chart comparing Federal and State Court systems:  Fed-State Court Differences

Here are statistics  showing acts of Congress found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court: Supreme Court Judicial Review Results

Read these:  

Posner, Overcoming Law

Handout–Supreme Court Decision-making

Who Interprets Constitution

Psst… Justice Scalia… You Know, You’re an Activist Judge, Too

What Were They Thinking–Bush v Gore

DUE  January 31:     Write a three page exposition of your perspective on the proper role of the U.S. Supreme Court in America.  I expect to see in your paper what you learn from the above readings and from class.  You might want to consider Alexis de Tocqueville’s assessment of the federal courts

Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 1/6 and 1/13

Bureaucracy Unit begins—–

Here is a Study Guide, with a Chapter outline: Chapter 8 Study Guide

This reading from James Wilson’s classic on the bureaucracy has questions at the end (due March 1): Wilson Rise of bureaucratic state

This is a reading from an interesting book on the bureaucratic state in America.  Read and consider for class discussion by March 4: Death of Common Sense Excerpt

Read and think about the following for the unit test

This reading deals with why smart, young folk do not seek government service..  : Wilkinson –Teaching a Hippo To Dance

Here is a reading from former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich…. gives you a really good appreciation for the activity of a policy manager in the Federal bureaucracy:  Reich — Locked in the Cabinet

Finally, consider this reading on the impact of the civil servants in the bureaucracy on policy issues:  Heclo — government of strangers

Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 11/25 and 12/2

11/25 –Congress Test

We start the Presidency this week :

The Study Guide for the Presidency is here (contains a summary of the chapter and terms to know):  Study Guide–Presidency

Here are readings and work to do for the Presidency: (all due by 12/9)

Neustadt Reading on Presidency  and Questions on Neustadt Reading

Rise of Plebiscitary President

Rating the Presidents–Burns, Schlesinger, Greenstein together with  Wilentz–the Worst President in history

bush, poe and the use and abuse of signing statements   &  Unitary President paper excerpts  (write a reaction paper to what you read in these two articles, considering the existence, nature and positives or negatives of the “imperial presidency.”.  You should use specifics from the readings and the other materials you are reading or have already read)

Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 10/28 & 11/4

We are starting our next unit on the Institutions of Government.  We begin with Congress.

Study Guide for Congress:  Congress Study Guide

Here is a flow chart showing how a bill becomes a law.    You should become familiar with this chart:  Legislative Flowchart

10/29 — Federalism Assessment Activity

10/30 — Congress Film

HW:  Read:  Mann-Ornstein–Broken Branch Reading  and Ornstein&Mann–It’s Even Worse Than It Looks   – and then answer these questions:  Broken Branch Questions    (due 11/4)

10/31 —  Congress Film

11/4 — Finish Congress Film .   Congress

11/5 — Congress

HW:  Mr. Smith Rewrites the Constitution –   (write a one page reaction to the op.ed.)

11/6 — Congress

HW:  Fiorina — Washington Establishment     and these questions:  Fiorina Washington Establishment Questions


Period 1 Assignments: Federalism

Here is the Study Guide for Unit 2:   Study Guide–Federalism

Here is a nice chart on the different types of fiscal federalism grant types:  federalism_grant_types

The textbook reading is Chapter 3.

(there is information in this chapter about separation of powers.  We have discussed that topic, but the material here is very good.  I encourage you to read those pages, too)

HW:  Devil in Devolution (questions at the end)   The Devil in Devolution

HW:  Readings on Federalism:   Federalism readings    and here are the questions for the readings:  QUESTIONS TO ANSWER FOR READINGS IN FEDERALISM PACKET

The homework questions are due by or before October  26.

Period 1 Assignments: Week of 9/23

This week will be discussing the U.S. Constitution.  Read it.  Know it.  Embrace it.

You should have Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook finished by the end of this week.




Period 1 Assignments: Weeks of 9/9 & 9/16


9/9 — Scope of course, general discussion

HW:  (for the unit)  Chapter 1 of the textbook.  READ IT

9/10 — True Enough??  Discuss nature of Bullshit  Why do we care.

9/12 — Nature of Politics:  5 Essential Factors of Politics

HW:  Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation


9/13 — Background of American Constitutionalism:  Foundations of the Declaration.  What does it mean?

PROJECT ASSIGNMENT — Founders’ Intent — The Assignment is:   Student Paper–How Democratic is the Constitution

There are several readings:  holton –unruly Americans   Bailyn–politics and the creative imaginationRoche and Beard , Rights –Brutus, no 2 , Republican Government_ Cato, no 3 ,  Federal Farmer 7 , Dahl-what the framers couldn’t know   The paper  is due September 23

HW:  Read letter from Madison to Jefferson and answer questions:  questions on madison letter to jefferson

9/16– Road to Constitution:  convention and drafting.  Natural Rights Philosophy in practice.  And a bundle of compromises

HW:  Federalist 10 and 51 — Questions for each:  Questions on Federalist 10       Questions on Federalist 51

9/18—  Federalist 10 and 51:  theory of American Government.  Class discussion led by:   Mr. Vena & Mr. Barkhorn

HW:  Read the Constitution

9/19 — Theory of American Government

HW:  Read the Constitution